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Is CBD Oil Legal in Portugal?

Is CBD and Cannabis legal in Portugal?

After the discovery of CBD oil, it has been used by people to treat different medical conditions. Not just that but also its success has led to a transformation in the healthcare industry. But a host of questions surround the use of CBD oil.

Such complexities derive from the fact that regulation pertaining to the use of CBD oil differs across states. Yet sadly, since being legalized, cannabis has still maintained a negative name.

But according to evidence provided over the years by various scientists, CBD oil has the ability to treat specific medical conditions. So, if you are living in Portugal and want to learn more about the legality of CBD oil, keep reading below. And in this article, we’re going to learn a little about the historical past of CBD oils in Portugal, their legal status in Portugal, and whether or not you should buy CBD oil in Portugal? [3]

History of Cannabidiol in Portugal

We are both aware by now that CBD oil is a hemp plant product. While its legalization encircles cannabis at large. Nonetheless, the use of CBD oil would also depend on the legislation pertaining to medicinal cannabis. And this is exactly what happened back in Portugal a couple of years ago.

There were two resolutions in Congress, although both were rejected. PAN brought out the first one: Peoples Animal Nature Party. It said people should own up to 75 gms of cannabis and cultivate six plants per household. That means it would have required a person to grow six plants if the law was passed.

The second amendment was tabled by the Left Committee. This presented a path map for drug distribution and production. Okay, they all rejected the plans. They were in favor of selling cannabis at a reasonable price and set a cap on the black market. That would have permitted a much-needed change. In June 2018, however, medicinal cannabis was eventually legalized. This move was gaining significant support from the Socialist and Social Democratic League.

It was finally how medicinal hemp reached Portugal’s cities and the development and processing of CBD oil followed along with it. That said, let us have a look at the actual legal status of CBD oil in Portugal.

The legal status of CBD oil in Portugal

In Portugal, CBD oil’s legal. Yet here are a few things you can keep in mind. Portugal first and foremost decriminalized drug use in 2001 but allowed medicinal cannabis to be used. As we all know, CBD oil is a considerable part of the medical cannabis industry. Likewise, their use won’t get you into any sort of legal trouble.

Yet if you want to use CBD oil over the counter without any prescription, it’s quite the risk you’ll end up in trouble. It involves buying CBD oil from a pharmacy with the help of a legitimate prescription. So, the next time you go out to get CBD oil, make sure you have a certified doctor’s prescription and a medical condition that qualifies for the same.

When we speak about medical marijuana as a whole, it is safe to say that all pharmaceutical products related to cannabis, except herbal cannabis, are legal in Portugal. Yet it is also noteworthy that medical cannabis is regulated by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Medications.

And this plant’s production is also illegal. This means you can use CBD oil if your medical condition makes you and you choose to cultivate your own medication. You will not yet have the formal approval to produce a cannabis plant.

Surprisingly enough, there is only one cannabis-based drug that has been legal for several years in Portugal-Sativex. However, since 2012, this medicinal drug has become legal but its use is very limited. First, this medicine is quite expensive because of the stigma associated with cannabis, and second.

While CBD oil and medical hemp hold legal status in their entirety. Yet the prescription may only be issued by a licensed physician. You will also find CBD oil at a pharmacist’s pharmacy. Yet INFARMED is an authority for the use of cannabis medicinally.

What is the process of getting CBD oil in Portugal?

You will typically take CBD oil with the aid of a medical marijuana card in countries like the US but the same does not apply to Portugal. You have to take a prescription from a doctor, as I said earlier, that states your need for medical marijuana. The doctor will determine the condition for which you are taking it, and the amount of medication that you need to use. When you’re unsure about the swallowing process, your doctor will direct you on the same.

There are numerous ways of consuming cannabis. Okay, depending on the physiology, which approach would suit you. Many may consume it straight away and some tend to ingest it by milk. Typically speaking, forms that don’t contain cigarettes are safer for your health. That is because the lungs are not negatively affected, so you can effectively control the health. For better outcomes, just make sure you take the recommended dose.

Future of CBD oil in Portugal

The drug market is expected to grow dramatically. Halogen, a Portugal-based company, has collaborated with a Canadian firm to create a unit for the cultivation of cannabis. Per year it produces over 500,000 kilograms of medicinal cannabis. Well, some estimates suggest the figure may even rise to 630,000 kilograms. The numbers are valuable and point to a wide-ranging application.

Another business Gaia Pharma has partnered with Aurora Cannabis Inc., based in Canada. The Canadian corporation is expected to purchase a stake of 51 percent and will work together to headline a nearby plant that manufactures medical cannabis and associated products. This investment from large corporations represents a massive setback for illegal traders. That’s because people will get access to good quality cannabis at an affordable price from dispensaries or pharmacies.


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