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Cannabis, hemp and industrial hemp. What are the differences?

Cannabis, hemp and industrial hemp. What are the differences?

Cannabis, hemp and industrial hemp are basically the same – Cannabis Sativa L. The difference lies in how, and for what purpose the cannabis is grown.

  • Cannabis / Marijuana – Grown to contain high levels of the psychoactive substance THC. THC from industrial hemp that is not approved by the EU is classified as narcotics in Europe.
  • Hemp / industrial hemp – Produced for their industrial properties. The fibres can be used for ropes, clothing and textiles. Oils with high content of omega 3 & 6 can be extracted from the seeds, while the flowers with high levels of CBD can be used to produce food supplements.

European Board of Agriculture – varieties approved by the EU.

These varieties are often referred to as “EU-approved” varieties of industrial hemp. Every year, the European Board of Agriculture publishes an updated list of industrial varieties of Cannabis Sativa which may not contain more than 0.2% (updated continuously every year.) These varieties are thus excluded from the drug definition. Source: SOU: 2016: 93

EU-approved varieties of industrial hemp have no psychoactive effects whatsoever. You can’t get drunk or “high” on industrial hemp. You can therefore both drive and perform other everyday activities while using these products.

Drug tests

Possessing THC extracted from EU-approved industrial hemp is completely legal. Similarly to the poppy seeds (that are for example commonly used in food items such as bread) can be mistaken for opium, legal CBD products based on EU-approved hemp can also show as a match various cannabinoids in a drug test. Many salivae and urine specimens give rise to cannabinoid residues and do not take into account the specific type of cannabinoid in question. Therefore, always request a blood test showing the difference between CBD and THC. At workplace testing, we recommend that you explain that you are taking a legal dietary supplement from industrial hemp that can show traces of cannabinoids. We suggest that you bring your product and related information with you. Of course, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you personally.

Buy cannabis/ hemp in Europe

Natural Hemp Life offers a wide range of EU-approved cannabis products in a variety of different types. All our products contain cannabinoids and other beneficial substances from the hemp but in various forms. Some people prefer to take their CBD in oil form directly under the tongue while others prefer to take a CBD capsule.

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