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Take your exercise to the next level with CBD oil

Take your exercise to the next level with CBD oil

CBD can help you take your workout to the next level. Whether you are a professional athlete or just started exercising, CBD can help you maximize your efforts and results. Cannabinoids from CBD products help the endocannabinoid system to restore muscle and bodily functions. CBD can be used as a dietary supplement for recovery and more long-lasting strength energy. CBD is used by, among others, Olympic athletes and is not classified as doping by WADA.

Muscle building

Building muscle is a process that for many people takes a very long time. It can take several months or even years. Building up muscle requires hard training, a strict diet, and a generally healthy lifestyle. Due to these reasons, unfortunately, many choose to take a short-term shortcut through the use of anabolic steroids, or other harmful substances.

What if you were able to reduce the degrading, catabolic, and hormonal aspects while promoting the constructive and anabolic hormones in a natural way?

During exercise, the muscle fibers in our muscles are broken down and so-called microscopic muscle damage occurs. This usually contributes to a feeling of soreness in the body, but it also means that the body is more vulnerable to inflammation. Using CBD products among athletes has long been a controversial topic.

However, this took a huge turn when one of the world’s best MMA profiles, Nate Diaz, openly used CBD e-liquid during a press briefing after a loss to the world champion Conor Mcgregor in the UFC.

A beaten-up Nate sits in front of the press, camera lights are flashing and Nate responds to a journalists’ question:

– “What exactly are you smoking?”

Nate picks up his vaping device, looks at it and says

This is CBD. It helps with the healing process and reduces inflammation, so you should use this before and after fights/exercise in order to help your body improve.

Although this situation does not reflect all use of CBD, it is still eye-opening to see an athlete for the first time speaking openly about using CBD. It all could, however, be more of a PR stunt since the CBD manufacturer is clearly mentioned.

What happens to the body during some time away from exercise, injury, or illness?

Many people experience a feeling of degrading physique when taking a break from exercising. These breaks can be due to many different reasons, but the feeling is often the same. Loss of muscle mass can be caused by the catabolic hormones responsible for the body’s muscle breakdown. Maintaining the body’s muscle mass requires large amounts of energy sources. The more energy the body consumes, the harder it is to maintain its normal function and hence physique.

The body is constantly breaking down muscle mass to maintain the body’s need for energy. Unfortunately, when the body needs energy, muscle is the first source that the body takes energy from. The catabolic phase is difficult to avoid during muscle building, but it can be influenced.

One way to reduce the number of catabolic hormones is to use CBD oil as a natural dietary supplement. Studies suggest that CBD can be anti-catabolic, which can be very positive for people who want to build and maintain muscle mass.

The body’s largest, but for many completely unknown systems, is the so-called Furthermore – one of CBD’s greatest features is that it is anti-inflammatory, making CBD popular in treating many diseases and bodily disorders. It has been shown that CBD can complement or even replace painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs in fibromyalgia patients. The best thing about CBD oil is that it has no side effects.

Recovery and areas of use for Cannabidiol (CBD)

What role do cannabinoids play in the recovery process? CBD has been shown to possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects. This is relevant as intensive exercise increases oxidative stress and thus the risk of inflammation in the body. Taking antioxidant supplements may reduce the risk. Research shows that CBD is a stronger antioxidant than Vitamin C or E (1).

Experiments on mice with inflammation, compared isolated CBD to a full spectrum extract which showed that the full spectrum extract had stronger anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects in larger doses. The full spectrum extract was also found to perform better against pain relief and inflammation compared to aspirin and tramadol. This may indicate that substances in hemp perform better under a synergetic effect. In addition to cannabinoids, the hemp contains a variety of terpenes.

Some of these terpenes have been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects. The terpene known as myrcene is known for its sleep-assisting effects and for helping with muscle relaxation. Alpha-Pine is another terpene which has been shown to help widen airways, which can increase the oxygen supply to the body and thus benefit endurance.

Feeling stiffness and tenderness in the muscles and joints during exercise and recovery is common. CBD has been proven to have very good results on various aches and pains.

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Benefits of Using CBD as a Supplement:

  • Anti-catabolic
  • Alters the bodily levels of cortisol
  • Can reduce the risk for diabetes
  • Reduces stress
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • Can speed up healing of fractures
  • Strengthens bones
  • Can stimulate cells involved in building bones
  • Is believed to be anti-inflammatory
  • Can help to speed up the recovery process
  • Improve sleep
  • Can increase your performance

Whether you are a professional athlete, an amateur athlete or if you simply like training, CBD can help you maximize

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