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Buying CBD oil online: how does it work?

Buying CBD Oil online 2020

The usage of CBD oil for treating anxiety, sleep, pain, and other issues is becoming more common, and the market for the products is growing online. However, always make sure that you buy legal CBD oil when ordering online. In this guide, we cover important aspects to consider, such as how you can ensure that your products are 100% legal, as well as that the CBD oil you choose has high quality and contain the right content for your specific needs.

Make sure that the oil you buy online is legal

Cannabis is classified as narcotics, with the exception of the so-called industrial hemp. According to European law, it is legal to buy CBD oil containing less than 0.2 mg of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in most European countries. The active substance THC is included in the drug legislation. Pay attention to the CBD oil’s table of contents in order to avoid disputes with the law. A good alternative for those who want to avoid THC altogether is to buy a CBD oil without THC. Additionally, make sure to read the “about us” section of the website you’re planning to purchase from. This could help you to verify whether it is a legitimate and trustworthy business or not. If you want to read more about CBD oil’s legal status, take a look at our previous article for more information on the topic.

The price and quality of CBD oils may vary

Depending on where and how the CBD oil is being produced, the price and quality of the oil often vary. Be aware of what type of product you are purchasing, and who you choose to purchase from. Genuine and pure products often have higher prices because they are, for example, quality tested or have organic content. Many products on the market contain low-quality, non-specific and synthetic ingredients. We recommend avoiding these and choose approved and tested products instead.

Important to keep in mind:

Here is some valuable advice that is good to consider before purchasing your CBD:

  • Certified CBD oils are guaranteed to be quality products that contain just what is stated on the label.
  • High-quality CBD oils often have a price that reflects its value. A high price does not guarantee good quality, but it’s a general guideline.
  • Research the vendor and find out where they are based so that you are aware of how your product will be shipped. Some webshops can have their base abroad and therefore, for example, delivery time may be longer in some cases.
  • Be sure to double-check that you are actually buying CBD oil, and don’t confuse it with hemp seed oil. CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant itself, while hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil is flavourful and nutty – an oil that is often used for example in cooking or as a dietary supplement.

By following our guide you can learn how to choose the best products for your needs and requirements. CBD oil is a versatile product that can have both preventative or curative purposes – an incredible help on the way to good health.

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