Can I safely drive after consuming CBD Oil?

Driving while using CBD oil

The simple and short answer to this question is: Yes, you can drive when using CBD oil. Although CBD oil is legal to buy and use, there are circumstances that need to be taken into consideration. We will elaborate on these circumstances below.

It is important that your CBD oil does not contain more than 0.2% THC, because CBD oils that contain more than 0.2% THC are classified as narcotics. This being the case, many manufacturers produce oils that are within the limit of 0.2%. A CBD oil that stays within these guidelines does not make you intoxicated or “high”. Our THC-free CBD oil is an excellent option if you want the benefits from the oil while being fully able and legally allowed to operate a vehicle.

One important thing to keep in mind is that CBD oil can cause side effects to new users, especially in the beginning. Some may feel a little tired, which can lead to shorter reaction times. We advise that you start slowly, and see how your body and your mind react to CBD. If you feel tired or drowsy after using CBD oil, be careful when driving – or avoid driving altogether.

Driving-related drug tests – What are the rules and regulations?

The majority of CBD users do not feel that the CBD affects their driving skills. Since our extracted CBD products are always 100% THC-free, you do not have a risk of showing positive on any drug tests, whether saliva, urine or blood. You can feel safe with our lab-tested CBD products.


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