Can CBD oil help against winter depression?

Does CBD oil help against winter depression - Natural Hemp Life EU

What is winter depression?

Winter depression, or seasonal depression (SAD), is in many ways a less known public health problem. Although its presence has been known since the early 1980s, we still don’t know much about its causes and extent, but it is estimated that between 5-10% of the population is affected. Winter depression is similar in many ways to the symptoms of traditional depression that we have written about previously. International statistics indicate that there is a connection between its occurrence and whether one resides in a country with relatively long periods of darkness, which makes residents in some parts of Europe vulnerable due to our long and dark winters.

Two common methods of counteracting winter depression are to expose yourself to either artificial or natural sunlight or to medicate with antidepressant drugs. However, these treatments have shown to cause some problems and forced those suffering to make difficult choices. If you choose the sunlight treatment, you also have to expose yourself to potentially harmful ultraviolet radiation. Antidepressants often have many side effects and it usually takes a very long time to notice the effects.

Does CBD help against winter depression?

More recently, research has found a correlation between the use of cannabidiol (CBD) and reduced feelings of both the more common notion of “feeling down”, and actual depression. Although the underlying mechanism has not yet been fully clarified, it has been suggested that the beneficial effects are due to CBD simply increasing the serotonin levels in the central nervous system. When it comes to the antidepressant effect, the effect of CBD has proven to be derived uniquely fast. In some studies, measurable changes have already occurred within 30 minutes after ingestion. The effects of other treatments are usually not seen until after several days.

The price and quality of CBD oils may vary

Depending on where and how the CBD oil is being produced, the price and quality of the oil often vary. Be aware of what type of product you are purchasing, and who you choose to purchase from. Genuine and pure products often have higher prices because they are, for example, quality tested or have organic content. Many products on the market contain low-quality, non-specific and synthetic ingredients. We recommend avoiding these and choose approved and tested products instead.

Since winter depression has many features that are largely reminiscent of both general anxiety and traditional depression syndrome, CBD has become a popular alternative for people who want a natural alternative with fast results that does not come with the negative aspects that traditional treatment methods may have.

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