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Superior CBD oil since 2016

Leveraging our effective and popular products, Natural Hemp Life has become a pioneer in the CBD industry, not just in Sweden but globally. Since 2016, we have been handcrafting CBD products of the highest quality. Our organic hemp, specifically cultivated for our range, is harvested without any additives, maintaining the purity and essence of Swedish nature.

Each batch of hemp is harvested by hand. We conduct laboratory analyses on every product batch, the results of which are publicly displayed under each product. This approach guarantees a line of safe, effective products with documented benefits, aligning with our Swedish commitment to transparency and quality.

Our CBD products are produced through a gentle supercritical CO2 extraction process. This method preserves the hemp’s broad spectrum of cannabinoids while meticulously removing all THC, ensuring compliance with international standards.

These products are user-friendly, making them ideal for those new to CBD, as well as experienced users demanding world-class quality. Our range boasts a high and guaranteed concentration of CBD, free from additives, with a pleasant taste — epitomizing what a top-tier CBD product should be. Experience the best of Swedish heritage, now available to our international customers.

100% Organic Hemp

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