Last update: 2018-08-09

Here at Natural Hemp Life, we do our very best to always cater for, and safeguard your privacy and rights to your personal data. Our principles are designed to be easy to understand. Please contact us if you have any concerns. We take security very seriously, both for our customers’ sake and for our own.

On May 25, 2018, a new law, GDPR, came into force. It is a unified law designed to ensure that the same rules apply throughout Europe. With GDPR, all organizations, traders and companies must assume greater and more comprehensive responsibility for personal data that we handle. Natural Hemp Life is responsible for the processing of personal data that you provide to us as a customer. Natural Hemp Life does not provide personal information, e-mail addresses or other customer information to third parties other than those mentioned below.


Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics to analyze traffic on our website. We do this to better understand how the website is used and how many visitors we have. By blocking cookies, the opportunity for us to measure your traffic vanish.
We offer the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter, this can be issued through a separate form and in connection with ordering. We use MailChimp for our newsletters. At the bottom of all our emails, there is a button that you can click to end your subscription, or by emailing us at
Personal data:
In accordance with received orders, we save your information in accordance with the Accounting Act for 7 years.
Google Adwords: We use Google Adwords to promote our brand on different platforms. By collecting cookies we can better understand and plan our marketing.
Live chat:
We use to provide our live chat.
Security: We take security very seriously and do everything we can to ensure a safe and easy experience on our website. Should there still be a data breach, we are liable to report this to the Data Inspection within 72 hours. Obviously, our goal is for this to never happen. If it were to happen, we will report it immediately to the Data Inspectorate.


We are obliged to inform each new user that we collect information and refer to this page. The cookies we use are as follows (sorted by domain):

  • Used to keep track of which device is being used by the person we are live chatting with.
  • Google: Used for Google Analytics and Adwords. They use both the domain and domain
  • Natural Hemp Life: Used to keep track of our e-commerce (WooCommerce), current session, whether a visitor is logged in or not, potential interest in our newsletter, if the visitor has accepted our use of cookies.


We use the information to be able to conduct e-commerce, i.e. by sending out received orders. Each order results in a receipt and summary of the order that we need to be able to report the company’s finances to the relevant authorities in accordance with Polish legislation governing the conduct of companies. Analyzing made by the website are conducted solely to obtain and summarize how all visitors use the company’s website. The reason behind is that we want to be able to develop the website and make it more easy to use, for example by reviewing where on the website visitors have difficulty understanding how the website works. The company uses the third-party service MailChimp to collect e-mail addresses on the company’s website, which we can then use to send newsletters and offers to. If a visitor subscribes to a newsletter, an e-mail will be sent to the given email address for approval of the subscription. Only then will the email address be saved. Each newsletter that the company sends contains a link to unsubscribe. In that case, that email address will be completely deleted.