Is CBD and hemp legal in Hungary?

Legality of CBD and Hemp in Hungary

Cannabis is illegal to consume, sell, and buy in Hungary. The laws are among some of the hardest in Europe, with long prison sentences for serious offenses. However, small offenders are very rarely prosecuted, especially for first-time offenses.

The country does not have any effective medical program in place, however, the hemp industry is booming. Let’s take a look at the legality of CBD products in the country.

Is CBD legal in Hungary?

A cannabidiol olaj jogszerű Magyarországon?

According to Hungarian law, it is legal to cultivate hemp if it contains less than 0.2% THC. This would mean that CBD products that contain CBD are allowed if they are derived from certified EU hemp seeds and contain only trace amounts of THC as mentioned above.

Hungarian authorities do not allow the manufacture of CBD oil. So while it might be legal to grow hemp in Hungary, it may not be legal to process and sell it as CBD oil.

Medical Cannabis program in Hungary

There is currently no program in place for medical cannabis in Hungary however, Sativex is approved for the use in pain-related diseases such as multiple sclerosis

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The history of hemp in Hungary

Hemp cultivation has for many generations been a fundamental part of Hungarian history, and despite suffering numerous attacks during the last 20 years, the industry never fully died out.

Hungary has contributed with numerous high-quality fiber strains to the list of EU-approved hemp, many of which were developed by Dr. Ivan Bûcsa, a world-known hemp breeder at the GATE Agricultural Research Institute Kompolt.

Hungary is now a large exporter of hemp-related products such as paper, oil, textiles, and plastics.

The future of cannabis in Hungary?

Given Hungary’s hard stance on cannabis, it seems very unlikely that they will try to decriminalize recreational cannabis use in the near future. Nor is there any indication that a medicinal cannabis program will be put in place, even though many other countries in Europe have already made an effort into it.


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