Our history

Due to a lack of reliable products of high quality and detailed lab reports, we decided to start Natural Hemp Life. Our uncompromising quality and customer service are always in focus in all the work we do. We are today one of the only companies in Europe that work out of our own factory, which also meets all ISO requirements for purity and efficiency. This gives us full control of the process – from when the first seed is placed in the ground by hand – until a finished end product leaves our factory. Do you have any questions about something we have not yet given information about? Do you want to talk about our products, our business or just discuss hemp in general? Email us at: info@naturalhemplife.eu

Our philosophy:

The very foundation of our products is always 100% organic and GMO-free hemp. The harvest is carried out by our certified farmers and is done by hand when the hemp is in a state of the right ripeness, when the hemp is filled with valuable nutrients and cannabinoids. Every year, our crops undergo certification for organic sustainability. Our goal is to be a safe and reliable source for organic and natural CBD products, with high quality. We value the whole process, from seed to product, and respect our nature and soil along the way. Read more about our products here.